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Today’s lesson - tmux

March 15, 2021 — ~poindexter

All the time I’d used shell accounts and used Linux systems I’ve opened multiple terminals. I’m playing around now with a full screen Windows command prompt, a close-to 24 row/80 column screen using a big Windows TTF font, and am using tmux to create multiple virtual windows.

From the shell prompt, enter tmux - this will put a status bar at the bottom of the screen. To create a new screen, hit ctrl-b c (for “create”) a screen, then ctrl-b n (“next”) or ctrl-p (“previous”) to cycle through the screens. I have weechat running in one window, ALPINE in another, and am writing this blog post in a third window.

I wish I’d spent time time learning how to do this when my internet access was dialing into a shell account.

tags: tmux