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Taking a walk down memory lane

March 14, 2021 — ~poindexter

I've just recently discovered tilde.club, and I'm having way too much fun. This reminds me of the communal UNIX systems from my youth, combined with my first experiences with an ISP account and a public HTML space, long before people had heard of social media.

My first web sites were all hand-hacked using vi, then later blogger uploaded to a Linux box at my house, and finally a web-hosted Wordpress blog. I have a Personal Blog, a Side Hustle, a BBS, a streaming radio site and a toy camera blog all running, so why start another one?

...Because, it's fun to rediscover your roots, and remember a time when there wasn't a Facebook, or Friendster, or even MySpace, and the Web was made up of people who were trying things out for the first time.

I'm using PINE, command-line IRC clients and tin to read usenet news (and have SPAM-free usenet groups available), just like I did back in 1995 on my old shell account. Simpler times, revisited.

Now, the only question is going to be whether I want to publish content via a web server, Gopher, or Gemini a new protocol (to me) that looks like HTML Light or Gopher 2.0 - take your choice of poorly-suited metaphors.

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