Photo blogging with low resolution toy cameras.

(The notion of a $10 digital camera, no matter how crappy, can boggle the mind, if you stop to think about it...)

I'm obsessed with imagery. When I'm not shooting with a LOMO, a digital SLR, or a plastic-lensed toy camera, I'm shooting with old 640x480 CMOS-based cams like the AipTek pencam SD, the Sipix Blink, or any number of $10 cameras. Or my Blackberry Pearl - if I'm going to be on call, I'm going to find a way to enjoy being tied to a phone.

Shooting with these cams divorces me from the techno-babble and fixation with details, technical specs and capturing perfect moments. A cheap cam inspires me to say "why not", and shoot away.

I rediscover my creativity every time I shoot with a cheap cam.

Pencam Links:
My take on Tinycams from my blog/photo site
Aiptek and 2Fidelity, sources for Aiptek Pencams
Charles Islas' tinycams site
Charles has also started a Yahoo! group
...And a Flickr group!
And he was profiled in ePhotoZine.
Elvisthefish.com, another pencam enthusiast
Pencam.org, hasn't been updated in a while, but GREAT photos
640x480.net, a site composed entirely of pix shot with a PDA
Pencams are great for Bike Trips
Submin.com's guide to tinycams
A page entitled Tinycam Advocacy (that links to me!)
One of my favorite cameras, the Stylecam Blink
Mediachance Digital Camera Enhancer, a great free image tweaking tool

-- Kurt Weiske