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"Vim or gtfo"

About Me,
Stephen "The King of Vim/ Slayer of CS244/ Slayer of Math214/ Slayer of Math244/ Yeet or be Yoted/ Kek or be Keked/ This is my swamp/ The WiFi is not working/ Tinder bot when?/ Boomer Doomer" Cochrane

I am currently studying BSc Computer Science at Stellenbosch, I am in my 3rd year of studies.

Here is a link to my github acc.

~~Current Projects~~



Im currently busy setting up a cloud server running on the yggdrasil network

CS334 Group website

Setting up a DNS server running off my pi

~~Contact Details~~

Email: skippycochrane@gmail.com
Twitter: @king_of_vim
Instagram: @skippy_stephen