== skovati ==
adventures of a digital minimalist


welcome to skovati.dev

I’m a computer engineering student and amateur mathematician from the midwest region of the USA

a few things I’m passionate about:

  • digital minimalism
  • ethical & sustainable technology
  • free & open source software
  • decentralized systems
  • unix philosophy
  • cryptography/cybersecurity
  • self-hosted infrastructure
  • analog & digital circuits
  • frugality
  • privacy & anonymity

on this site, check out my blog(rss), my gitea instance, the books I’m reading, or the status of my servers

lately, besides schoolwork, I’ve been working on small projects like

  • gosh, an extremely simple unix shell written in Go
  • kirpto, a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker
  • micro, a collection of scripts for Arduino microcontollers
  • tmpst, a lightweight terminal based weather application

professionally, I work as a Cloud Engineer, deploying products and applications on cloud platforms like GCP and AWS using Terraform, Kubernetes, and GitLab CI

send me an encrypted message with my pgp key here

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