I'm looking for a job in IT (Node.js, DevOps, sysadmin, back-end) remote or in Ard├Ęche.

If you're looking to hire someone or need someone to make and manage: - a website; - a Discord or Telegram bot; - anything else really! Automation, systems administrations, etc.

Feel free to send me an email at (my username) - Thanks!

this is my personal website.

This is a work in progress.


Tasia (they/them)

I'm a Node.js TypeScript developer, specialized in DevOps, back-end development and supply chain security.

Assigned French at birth, currently living in the tech blog archipelago - UTC+0200

I speak English and French. Feel free to provide constructive criticism if needed.

I support FLOSS, anarchism, privacy and data sovereignty. Queer rights are human rights. Solarpunk is the way.

Version: 3.12
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