I’d been impressed and delighted to see people on starting to use it to display blog posts, and I wanted to join in. At first, I thought I’d just write the HTML for each post by hand, like I’ve been doing for my home page. Then I even thought I might build my own dead-simple CMS. But I very quickly convinced myself that that way lay madness.

But I’d talked to Dave Winer in the past about using his web outliner Fargo as a blogging tool. I’d always enjoyed using it as a private outliner for notes and such, because it’s just a simple, fairly customizable, and relatively pressure-free writing space. And right now, I think that’s what I could use.

I’m still going to be migrating over the HTML files by hand and tweaking some settings on my own, so it’s probably best to think of this as an informal, “under-construction” space rather than a blog-as-personal-statement right now. Some of the posts might just be writing down what I’m doing to get the blog and the web site up-and-running and looking OK. But if it gets rolling…

Well, that’s the great thing about a blog. Once it gets rolling, who knows where it might end up.

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