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Have a nice day fellow human

On this site you will find content regarding: Linux, BSD, Computer Science, Linklists, Privacy and some pre chosen Music. If you have Questions regarding this site or any of it's services or complains howsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me at: mail@tinfoil-hat.net


> If you should Interact with me or want to judge me based on what I have wrote or posted <

I am not a normal and functioning part of Society / Social life. And probably never will be. I am living on a disabillity check and that because of a reason: I am mostly awake for about 1.5-2.5 or sometimes even 3 days, because of that always tired and and have problems to conentrate. Also my social skills are not very sophisticated. And I am sometimes strange because of various other reasons. I figured you should know...


About me

Nickname: tinfoil-hat

Age: 29
Gender: Apache Combat Helicopter
Profession: Junior Linux Admin

Location: Heidelberg / Germany
Evil can only succeed if good decides to let it happen

The Creature in this Picture is supposed to be me, it's a relativley recent picture. even tough I am a tinfoil-hat, I think a back and white .png of me wearing sunglasses and a hoodie, doesn't hurt. You probably wouldn't recognize me if I stood infront of you :)

GPG-Fingerprint: 266E 4882 C2A7 279E B012 C009 0D40 CFE3 4966 ·

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