Date: Jun 15, 2011, 8:14 PM
Subject: Car + Serena

Definitely! I'll let them know :3

So my Arizona trip was really good.. there's a whole long story but I've told it so many times already to different family members that I'm worn out of it haha so I'll summarize:

2-day Greyhound trip to Tucson was decent.. I slept most of the time because I forgot a book I was planning to bring and the two iPods I borrowed died really quickly because I didn't charge them before I left. One guy who sat next to me talked to me for a bit but it didn't really amount to a conversation. Spent 4 days with family in Tucson, reuniting, eating good food, seeing old places, etc. It was about 100 degrees, which was actually a lot cooler than it had been apparently. There are huge wildfires burning down there right now which I could see from the Greyhound when I pulled in. My 2-day Greyhound trip back ended up basically taking 3 days because.. well, Greyhound service is ATROCIOUS. They overbooked my first scheduled trip out of Tucson and I was declined boarding (despite booking the tickets weeks in advance) with the option of either rescheduling or getting a refund.. I ended up catching the next bus which was the next morning. And the trip home... that's the longest story.. basically two of the buses I took broke down.. there were countless other delays.. I befriended a 22-year old guy from London who had been traveling the US for the past couple of weeks with a Greyhound pass, and also made friends with a couple of other people (one was an admitted ex-con who violated his probation on the trip he was returning from and recommended that Alex [the guy from London] and I do coke the next time we're in Vegas [we awkwardly smiled and nodded]). Alex gave me tons of tips on places to visit and ways to save money in London. I gave him my FB URL so we might become friends on there. We got along really well; similar perspectives on things and he's really outgoing [into hiking, traveling, and such]. It's funny too cuz I don't think I've even ever met anyone else from London; perfect timing! Anyway, he traveled from LA to Seattle on the same buses as me so we had a lot of time to talk (especially after the delays and buses breaking down). I ended up getting back 12+ hours after I was originally supposed to...

How have things been on your end? Work going well?