csp 115 - mspe


containment procedures

mspe is to be contained in a standard large cat containment unit at site-████. site-████ is operated by Dr. Kumquat and the exterior is to be disguised as a standard french apartment building. they will be supplied with standard cat food and other common cat supplies. mspe will additionally be supplied with a 4g modem, a computer, and reading material.

mspe may also be allowed to temporarily exit containment to go to obtain important items such as watermelon.

Addendum c19-aac

due to the covid-19 pandemic, mspe is to only be allowed out of contaimnent for essential items.

Addendum 6bf32a

recent testing has shown that mspe also requires a constant supply of tea, and at least six (6) external hard drives within sight at all times.


mspe is a normal-looking cat, with anomalous properties such as ██████, speaking, and typing. they appear to have at least human-level inteligence, although further research is needed.


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