Charged for Action

Originally released 15 August 2016

#electricity #electricshock #electricarc #zap #flyswatter #mosquito #mosquitobat #gijinka #personification

Well, I don't normally do personification art, but...

This random idea popped up when I was randomly browsing personification (gijinka) artwork on DeviantART while this device is lying on my desk. It's not a common item people would make characters from, so... why not?

In case you didn't recognize him, he is a personification of mosquito bat. He's similar to bug zapper, but constructed in a handy racquet-like form which you can easily swat on mosquito or whatever insect that is bugging you (no pun intended); producing oddly-satisfying sizzling sound and spark when the target is hit. The model I have is also equipped with a built-in flashlight, that's why he got a headlamp too.

Character's pose is still a bit weird; I'm still not used to drawing people in various action. This also marks my first serious attempt to draw a character without glasses. Electric arcs are new for me too, hope they look alright.

I'll call him Henry Eltron in case I need to reference him in the future, since it kinda gets repetitive to keep referring to characters by their hair colors.

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