Cyber Wasteland

Originally released 16 May 2020

#dusk #junkyard #wasteland #electronics #radio #glassesboy

This is the drawing I used as an Under Construction placeholder for this website, and also doubles as a part of my own manifesto.

You might remember this kind of scene from my earlier Junkyard Ensemble piece. The main reason that I decided to depict myself here, is that I use and make new things from technologies that most people have thrown away because they were old, or simply just gone out of fashion.

Sadly, so many people did this, to the point that it leads to many problems, including resource depletion, pollution, together with electronics wastes that are threatening to bury us all alive. This cyber wasteland, or more precisely electronics landfill is not my own dystopian fantasy; but rather a depiction of ugly reality found in many parts of the world.

This is the part reality that I have determined to fight against, and spend my life to turn it into a better place.

Copyright © 2020 xwindows
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P.S. In case you wondered what the original Under Construction page looked like, it has been preserved here for posterity (with links and file references updated to current).

9 March 2022 addendum: See Sunset of Cyber Wasteland for a full-color version.


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