Ethereal Voices

Originally released 21 February 2017

#etherphone #theremin #music #melody #electronics #instrument #library #book

Disclaimer: I don't have a real etherphone, though I did write a software emulating its functionality.

The term etherphone might not sound familiar, but you probably know it as theremin. This instrument generates sound based on distance between player's hands and each antenna: right hand controls pitch, left hand controls volume. Because of its output waveform and its continuous pitch nature, it is ideal for making eerie sound effect you hear in cheesy horror movies; though the latter also makes actual melodies harder to play.

This time I tried to draw eyes the same way as I did in Soldering a Circuit again and it seems to turn out okay. Also, library is my favorite place to hang out, but never really have a right situation to draw it with... until now.

The last time we saw this character was in Knotted Mess, as a cameo.

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Though this is drawn for 16:9 aspect ratio, extra care was taken to make it look reasonably good on 4:3. If you need the 4:3 version, just crop for middle part of this drawing.


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