Little Fireworks

Originally released 15 January 2016

#sparkler #fireworks #rooftop #night #town #city

I'm not exactly a kid anymore, but I'm still fond of these sparklers.

This illustration is drawn mostly as a practice. I have attempted to draw fireworks before and failed horribly; the outcome looked like neon sign rather than sparking metal. So this one is considered an improvement as it actually does look like a sparkler.

Although the character looks decent, his consistency was left much to be desired; still trying to improve this. Also, I kind of cheated when drawing the cityscape by simply omitting the far-away rooftops instead of drawing small tiles for them, hope it doesn't look too noticeable.

This character is an grown-up version of the one seen in Soldering a Circuit.

Copyright © 2016 xwindows
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Note: This is originally drawn for 4:3 aspect ratio, and then expanded to 16:9. If you want the 4:3 version, just crop for middle part of the picture.


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