Radio Telescope

Originally released 9 November 2014

#space #telescope #radio #night #mountain

A random radio telescope drawing, nothing else to say really.

This is the first drawing I made after listening to buzzG's Hoshi no Uta (Song of Stars), cover arrangement by Keeno, vocal by Kashitaro Ito. My previous submission: Observatory at Night is the second one. This also marked my first attempt at making a wallpaper.

Actually, I intended to draw the observatory first, but I changed my mind because observatory was harder to draw (for me anyway).

Links to the song are in description of the previous submission. Like the previous one, this drawing has nothing to do with the song's meaning, and no real star chart was involved.

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Note: This was originally drawn for 4:3 aspect ratio, then got expanded to 16:9 but was not centered. To get original 4:3 version:

Although it didn't hurt to just crop for the center part.


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