Soldering a Circuit

Originally released 21 February 2015

#electronics #circuit #audio #soldering #night

A bit of nostalgia feeling here: LM386 audio amplifier... one of the first electronic circuits I have assembled back when I was a kid. (Not assembled this way, though)

This sort of amplifier uses very few parts and can run off 6V battery, so they're widely used in portable radio, intercom, walkie-talkie, etc. The schematic I originally used was even designed to fit in a tiny 1"x1" single-side printed circuit board.

I tried to draw character's eyes differently this time (compared to this and this), and it turned out reasonably well. Character's face, hands, scenery perspective and lighting are still my weakness, hope it get better on next attempt.

Electronic parts size are not to scale. LM386 chip and socket are the most obvious, I think; real ones are smaller than thumbnail.

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Note: This was originally drawn for 4:3 aspect ratio. It got expanded to 16:9. If you want the 4:3 version, just crop for the middle part of this image.


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