c-: ~herzlichen willkommen auf meiner tilde~ ;-D

my name's asher. i'm an academic of some sort. i keep changing my mind about what to do with this page.

for now, check out these ~ * ~ k o o l   l i n k s ~ * ~

my colleague ashok's newsletter about philosophy and poetry. thoughtful, deliberate, exploratory writing.

eukaryote writes blog
this is my old friend georgia's blog about a variety of life-sciencey topics.

computers are bad
one of my absolute favorite newsletters, full of great tech history stuff.

the kind of sprawling site the Web used to be full of, about the kinds of sprawling sites the Web used to be full of.

gooey's plog blog
my boyfriend's tilde, a woodwind practice and composition log (he doesn't update it much).

evelyn's chicago style hot dog page
a top tier tilde and essential resource, dear to me as a chicagoan in exile.


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