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notes on video: "the road to noto"

noto = no to(fu). started 1985 in RIT's school of printing. "in my typographt classes, i was introduced to hot metal typesetting juxtaposed to the latest computer equipment of the day." zerox. ambitious bitmap font project by his professor at the time, covering variety of typing systems. he worked at microsoft. postscript types developed. more complex than bitmap. the standards: unicode, iso-8859-1, having 66535 and 256 characters respectively. Ğ gbreve uni011E, $\Omega$ omega uni03A9, € euro uni20AC. google wanted him to develop a fontface for android. result: droid sans and serif. old turkic is included to be supported in noto project. ligatures. noto can be a base for languages with which not much typographic development has been done.

notes on printing press documentary

spindle. it's possible that his environment inspired him about the machinery. dr eva-maria hanebutt-benz, director, gutenberg museum, mainz. "city of past glory". the black death. the gutenberg needed a futurist one, to eventually start a buissiness. ~ early 30's of his, he moved out to rein (??) (\indist\ inaudible). alan may: crafter creating printing press machinery. ok, it's rhine (r. rhine), \saw\ read it on the map shown at 21:12 in the video. prototype capitalists at the cathedral at rhine. a merchant class. venture capitalists. funding. \~1930's\ ~ late 1930's, partnership with \3 of\ three of them. almost ready to start to work. (strove (??)) (viennoserie). rue des écrivains. scriwerstubgass. vulgaires machins. compter des corps. en concert. reproducing, or aproaching to reproduce gutenberg's original machine gives us nowly unconventional looking one, due to its oneple nature. this video would absolutely interest ildutmuş. self-assembling wardraw (??). indulgence. offsetting sins. vellum. in transit. he firstly ran 2 years. fantastic. he held over all the equipment to fusst. 20 million books in 15 years.