The Nano-markdown Converter

The nano markdown converter (NAMAC for short) takes really simple markdown and converts it into XHTML (it can also do HTML5, but XHTML is better, more compliant and not WHATWG controlled so you should use it instead). It is written in C and released under the WTFPL license.

Heavily inspired by the work of "incompetent idiot", who wrote the "Easily Converted Structured Markdown Compiler" which is written in BASH over at betawiki (link is now dead, rip. it was a shell script that used a lot of sed.).

It can currently handle images, tags, and links, as well as generate and alphabetize a directory. Since more recent versions, it has templating ability and can handle sourcing via a webography file.

Stagit Tor/onion. Stagit I2P/eepsite.

Source for this page (in nama), can be viewed here.