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In this article we will take a look at US political parties, presidential candidates, and some other current, former or possibly politically active people, perhaps including commentators.

       Chapter 1       

      Table of Political Parties      

Logo Name Compass Position Ideology Healthcare Guns Same Sex Marriage Abortion Borders Election Integrity/Reform Digital Privacy Copyright Reform Minimum Wage Taxes Drugs Death Penalty
Alliance Party Logo Alliance Party Left Centrism & Leftism Single Payer[1] "Universal Background Checks", "Closing Loopholes", "National Waiting Period", "Licensing Program", "No Immunity Laws for Gun Manufacturers", "Ban Large Capacity Magazines, Ban Mods + Accessories that mimic automatic weapon, Ban Bulk Sales", "Red Flag Laws"[2] ? ? Vague, lean Control[1] "End Gerrymandering", Ranked Choice Voting, "Campaign Finance Reform/American Anti-Corruption Act"[1], "Vote By Mail"[2] "Re-defining property rights to include personal data"[1] ? Indexed to Inflation[2] ? ? ?
Constitution Party Logo[3] Constitution Party Eastern Paleoconservatism & Constitutionalism[4] Private Control[4] Pro[4] Opposed[4] Pro-Life[4] Control[4] "Repeal of all federal campaign finance laws", "Auditable and verifiable paper trail", Vote in person[4] ? No[4] None[4] Lower[4] De-facto Legalization at Federal level for State's control, w/ Foreign Trade restrictions[4] Support[4]
Green Party Logo[5] Green Party Southwestern Green Politics & Progressivism Single Payer[6] Close gun show loophole, gun control "like Brady Bill"[6] For[6] Pro-Choice[6] Open Borders[6] Abolish Electoral College, have IRV (Instant Runoff Voting), Public Financing of Elections, "Proportional Representation Voting Systems", "publicly-funded People's Commission on Presidential Debates"[7] Repeal "PATRIOT" act[6] For[8] At least $15, Indexed to inflation[6] Close loopholes, lower on lower class[8] End War on Drugs[6] Abolish[6]
Justice Party Logo[9] Justice Party Southwestern Progressivism/Social Democracy[10] Single Payer[10] ? For[10] ? Unclear, "Immigration Reform"[10] ? ? ? ? Nuanced[10] End war on Drugs[10] ?
Libertarian Party Logo[11] Libertarian Party South Libertarianism Healthcare Guns Same Sex Marriage Abortion Borders ? Digital Privacy Copyright Reform Minimum Wage Taxes Drugs Death Penalty
Modern Whig Party Logo[12] Modern Whig Party Center Jeffersonianism Merged into Alliance Party.
People's Party Logo[13] People's Party Unclear, Left Progressivism, Left-Wing Populism Single Payer[14] Ban "assault rifles, armor piercing rounds, bump stocks, and high capacity magazines", Universal Background Checks, Close Gun Show Loophole[14] For[14] Pro-Choice[14] Open Borders[14] Ranked Choice, Public Funding, No Voter ID, Paper Ballots[14] Repeal "PATRIOT" act[14] ? Minimum Wage[14] Close Loopholes[14] Legalize Marijuana, End War on Drugs[14] Abolish[14]
Pirate Party Logo[15] Pirate Party Southwestern Pirate Politics ? ? ? ? ? ? For[16] For[16] ? ? ? ?
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      Political Party Notes      

Alliance Party

Their website gives error code: 1020 when I try to connect using Tor without a useragent, so here's an archived version.

A party characterised as a pushing "centrist mush" according to Reason[17], which I guess is about right, seeing as most of their positions are extremely vague.

What they have come out with though, as actual positions, are definitely left-wing in nature. Namely, lots of gun control which they say does not ban any specific firearm (if that was the case they would support repealing the NFA), single payer health care, and minimum wage indexed to inflation.

Other than the Green Party they have some of the most actual positions with regards to election reform. However, like the GP, they support Voting by Mail, which hurts voting security and is susceptible to abuse more so than voting in person. They make no mention of Voter ID, but at least do mention campaign finance reform and Ranked Choice voting.

They have the interesting position of making personal data be defined as property, which might lead to enforcement problems but at least is an attempt.

Constitution Party

Originally the "US Tax Payer's Party".

Generally considered "to the right" of the Republicans, but in some ways to the south. You might say they are somewhere between Conservatism as it is in the GOP, and the generic Libertarianism of the Libertarian Party.

Much like their name suggests they are constitutionalists, and somewhat paleo-conservative.

Their 2016 platform continues this trend.[4]

Their updated platform page seems to require a lot more JavaScript that before, and certainly would not work with a proper browser such as NetSurf.

Green Party

Basically the Democrats except farther-left and not corrupt.

In 2016 thusly was their platform[6][8]:

Green Party Logo[5] Green Party Southwestern Green Politics & Progressivism Single Payer[6] Close gun show loophole, gun control "like Brady Bill"[6] For[6] Pro-Choice[6] Open Borders[6] ? Repeal "PATRIOT" act[6] For[8] At least $15, Indexed to inflation[6] Close loopholes, lower on lower class[8] End War on Drugs[6] Abolish[6]

Justice Party

Their website is in Indonesian for whatever reason.[18] Most of the info was taken from Wikipedia, which seemed to be 2011-2012 centric.[10] Now, normally I would not source Wikipedia, but information on this party is very few and far between.

Regarding taxes, according to Wikipedia they are "in favor of a financial transaction tax, pro-progressive tax structure and wants to end the Bush tax cuts."

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Libertarian Party

To be filled in.

Modern Whig Party

Website is down. In 2018 they merged with other parties to form the Alliance Party.[19]

Peoples Party

Site is clownflared so I suggest using the Web Archiver.

A left-wing party that sounds in substance very similar to the Green Party. They are for fair trade, ending foreign wars, election reform, ending the war on drugs, ending corporate prisons and the death penalty. However, they oppose voter ID, support baby murder, want open borders, are virulent gun grabbers, and make no mention in their platform of copyright reform.[14]

Jimmy Dore is a registered member of the party.[20]

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Pirate Party

The name "Pirate" refers to digital piracy, which they claim to have been called, and basically went with it as a name. In my opinion, the name is one of their issues. Because while I or even you may like it, most will see such a name and think it is either a joke, or that piracy (the thing pirates do) is bad.

The first Pirate Party was started in Sweden by a person named Rick Falkvinge. Pirate parties have since cropped up around the world, and won elections in multiple countries. Most notable of which is the Czech Republic (as of this writing it is the Pirate Party with the most seats anywhere), the EU parliament, and Iceland, where at one point they almost formed a government[21].

Pirate Politics, which the Pirate Party professes include things like Copyright reform, being against DRM, (re-)instituting Net Neutrality, and strengthening privacy laws.[22] They also see themselves as "post-ideological", being "not right or left", and just "doing what works" (Utilitarianism?).

My impression is that they are closet far-leftists (looks like I was right, see towards bottom), simply not willing to admit it for various reasons. Meaning that likely they take standard left-wing positions on issues such as immigration, potentially guns (though some far-leftists are actually pro-gun), abortion, voter ID and other things.

To my knowledge this is the only party that actually addresses digital privacy in their party platform. It's a shame they don't "correctly" (meaning in my opinion), or at all, address other issues too.

Despite the "pro-privacy" theme I noticed that on the Massachusetts Pirate Party's (which seems to be the most active?) YouTube channel, they clearly display their use of Windows 10, macOS and Google Hangouts[23], which just seems somewhat odd, considering that they are not exactly "pro-privacy" softwares.

According to their site, they conduct meetings of the PNC (Pirate National Committee) every Wednesday over IRC (their network, PirateIRC). The global pirates also have a presence on Matrix and Telegram.[24] There is also a free to download (or you can buy a paperback copy) book, which is a collection of essays, called "No Safe Harbour" (you should read it).[25]

In June 2020 the party announced on their blog support for the violent left-wing suppression mob Antifa, and called for then-President Trump to resign following the death of George Floyd in the State of Minnesota purportedly at the hands of local police (not federal) due to his threat to invoke the Insurrection Act.[26]

In January 2021 they announced their support for impeaching and barring from future holding of office then-former President Donald Trump following the "fortified"[27] 2020 election and the subsequent uncoordinated[28] January 6th capitol riot (where gates were opened by police[29]).[30]

The party has taken to using the spyware platform known as Discord for communications[31].

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      Tables of Political People      

      Table of Political People 2020      

Picture Name Party Position Compass Position Ideology Healthcare NRA Rating Same Sex Marriage Abortion Borders ? Digital Privacy Minimum Wage Taxes Drugs
Alyson Kennedy Alyson Kennedy Socialist Workers Party ? ? ? ? ? ? Pro-Choice[32] ? ? ? $15[32] ? ?
Donald Trump[33] Donald Trump Republican Party Logo[34] President of the United States, 2017-2021 Northeastern Right-Wing populism, Conservatism, Nationalism "Repeal and Replace", keep preexisting conditions protection Endorsed "Settled"[35] Pro-life Control For ? Do not raise but would consider Lower ?[36]
Don Blankenship Don Blankenship Constitution Party Logo[3] ? Eastern Constitutionalism Private[37] Unrated but "100% protection for the Second Amendment and the use of guns" Against[38] Pro-life[39] Defend[40], Control[41] ? Opposes Surveillance ? ? Do Not End War on Drugs, but Change/Refocus it
Gloria De La Riva[42] Gloria De La Riva Party for Socialism and Liberation Logo[43] Position Compass Position Socialism/Communism Healthcare NRA Rating Same Sex Marriage Abortion Borders ? Digital Privacy Minimum Wage Taxes Drugs
Howie Hawkins[44] Howie Hawkins Green Party Logo[5] Position Compass Position Ideology Healthcare NRA Rating Same Sex Marriage Abortion Borders ? Digital Privacy Minimum Wage Taxes Drugs
Joe Biden[45] Joe Biden Democratic Party Logo[46] President of the United States, 2021-present Northwestern Liberal/Neoliberal Public Option F[47] For Pro-choice ? ? ? $15[48] Raise for those making more than $400,000 Decriminalize Marijuana[49]
Jo Jorgenson[50] Jo Jorgenson Libertarian Party Logo[11] Position South Libertarianism Private Control Not Rated, very pro-Gun For Abortion Open Borders ? Digital Privacy Opposed Lower Legalize all
Rocky De La Fuente[51] Rocky De La Fuente Alliance Party Logo Position Compass Position Ideology Healthcare NRA Rating Same Sex Marriage Abortion Borders ? Digital Privacy Minimum Wage Taxes Drugs
Picture Name Party Position Compass Position Ideology Healthcare NRA Rating Same Sex Marriage Abortion Borders ? Digital Privacy Minimum Wage Taxes Drugs

      Table of Other Political People      

Andrew Cumo[52] Andrew Cuomo Democratic Party Logo[46] Governor of New York, 2011-2021 Northwestern Liberal/
Obamacare[53] F[54] For[55] Pro-Choice[56] Open Borders[57][58] ? ? $15[59] Lower[59] Legalize Marijuana[60]
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      Political People Notes      

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo is the son of former NY Gov Mario Cuomo and the brother to CNN Host of "Cuomo Primetime" Chris Cuomo. He was HUD Secretary under Bill Clinton, before being NY Attorney General. He was also at one point married to a Kennedy.[source pending]

He signed into law the most restrictive gun control in the USA.[source pending] Has apparently said virtually nothing about digital privacy.

At one point disbanded a corruption probe after they began investigating members of his inner circle.[61]

In early 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he has come under extra attention and speculation that he could be a replacement for Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for President in the 2020 Presidential election.[62]

He has also proposed cuts to Medicaid rather than raising taxes on higher income brackets.[63]

Has made use of prison labor.[64] During the coronavirus pandemic he placed a pause on, but did not cancel rent payments, and "halted" evictions for 90-days.[65]

He stated on Cuomo Primetime that he is not going to or thinking about running for president.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, patients were ordered to be unnecessarily put in nursing homes, leading to increased death rates.[66]

Following his being accused of sexual harassment, a subsequent investigation and report by the Attorney General, Cuomo resigned as governor in August 2021 and was replaced by Kathy Hochul.[67]

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Don Blankenship

Seems to understand the underlying problems and why corruption persists (corporations etc), but is somewhat vague on the "how". There is no "issues" page that I could find on their site.
Wants to exit Afghanistan/is anti-interventionist. Opposes surveillance by the government without a warrant, believes there should be no corporate surveillance (by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple etc), "make the laws consistent with the constitution".
Supports the existence of the Space Force, development of space-related technology. Does not support defunding the police.
Says the Dept. of Energy is "a waste" and common core is a "horrible mistake", "our kids are not being properly educated". Says that the government is not given the authority by the constitution to be a humanitarian agency, but that the focus should be on homeless people in America. Wants to abolish the Dept. of Education, and remove all subsidies etc & support home schooling.[68]
Opposes "abuse" of H1B visas[41].


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