Front-end only CMS!

Something I've been wanting to do
for a while now... Okay?

B a tiny place...

is located here, their stories and posts theirs. B a tiny place... might've had a lot to say, that a robot won't easily get. Like love and stuff. This is also a work of love. The CMS facilitating B a tiny place... is: PrutCMS, by bart from Bedrijf Zonder Naam. But you have to type that yourself!


This is kind of a weird website. But pin it to your homescreen first. Open it again and doubletap the sky if you know where you are or are going. Otherwise, read it. Close it and try again, scroll up and down!. Then try to go to a cryptic thing you saw


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B a tiny place...

you are helping others enjoy the same content.

Know how this works?

If you do not consent to this, please close B a tiny place...; you know how that works -- You can doubletap pages to share them :) Once you refresh or return here this message will still be there for you.

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