(This post is about the Weekly Webpage Workshop, a mailing list message I send out every Tuesday or so that challenges you do something different with your ~club pages. If you want to participate, monitor the mailing list here or in your favorite email client.)

This week’s WWW tasks the reader with recreating MySpace’s Top 8. Have a look a the full message on the mailing list here.

At the moment, my Top 8 are the following, in no particular order:

  • Github Trending, where I find cool projects
  • Huginn, which I found on Github Trending
  • Ledger, some neat plaintext accounting software for the terminal
  • Advent of Code, where I’m currently failing to save Santa Claus
  • Smash, which I’d never played until yesterday on our Switch, and which I’m not great at but am improving
  • Python, my first programming lanuage and the source of a lot of joy (and frustration) in my life over the past ten years or so
  • Mechanical keyboards, which I suddenly am into after a friend gave me the one I’m typing on right now
  • The Adventure Zone: Graduation, just the latest installment in a wonderful DnD podcast made by three brothers and their dad