Lost Highway



Director: David Lynch

Lead Actors: Bill Pullman (Fred Madison), Patricia Arquette (Renee Madison/Alice Wakefield), John Roselius (Al), Louis Eppolito (Ed), Jenna Maetlind (Party Girl), Michael Massee (Andy), Robert Blake (Mystery Man), Henry Rollins (Guard Henry)

Released: 1997

Movie Synopsis: Five years after the critical and commercial disappointment of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, director David Lynch returned to the big screen with this bizarre, cryptic thriller about confused identities and erotic obsession. Fred (Bill Pullman) is an avant-garde jazz saxophonist who shares a luxurious but fashionably barren house with his wife Renee (Patricia Arquette). Fred suspects that Renee may be unfaithful to him, but realizes he has bigger things to worry about when a series of videotapes appear at his door that prove someone is watching his home from the outside and inside. When Renee is found murdered, Fred finds himself behind bars, but one morning Fred is no longer in his cell. He has seemingly transformed into Pete Drayton (Balthazar Getty), a young auto mechanic who foolishly allowed himself to get involved with the wife of gangster Dick Laurent (Robert Loggia), a luscious blonde named Alice who looks exactly like Renee. So who is who? And what exactly is happening? Director Lynch offers no clear explanations; Lost Highway is a fascinating enigma that clouds as much of its narrative as it reveals. The film boasts fine photography, impressive production design, a wildly creative use of sound and several strong performances from Patricia Arquette, Robert Loggia and Robert Blake as the aptly named Mystery Man. Full of ideas and experiments that don't always work, Lost Highway in many ways plays like a bad movie, but it's also one of the most fascinating, intelligent and thought-provoking bad movies of the 1990's.

Personal View: As the synopsis from allmovie guide confirms, it is a W E I R D movie. There is just something going on that is above all of our level of intellects. Maybe not intellects, but our level of understanding. That is not really an increasing level system because this film's level of understanding is on some crazy plane. So I am beginning to really like David Lynch's movies. I saw Straight Story this weekend (VERY different) and loved it and now this. He has come a long way since Twin Peaks, but it is a good long way. He is doing some very provactive films that are unlike what anyone else is creating. If for no other reason go see this just to experience Lynch's amazing mind.

Weblinks: http://www.mindspring.com/~lychelle/movies/lost.htm Hmm...that's it and it isn't even that good. Sorry!


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