Blog setup


This website is generated using the [makesite]( Python script. It's really lightweight and has all the basics you need for a blog.

How to use this setup

1. Make a new repo in root and add `makesite` (because root's not empty), and install the commonmark package.

	git init
	git remote add origin
	git fetch
	pip install commonmark (recommended)`

2. Open `` and replace all occurences of `_site` with `public_html`

3. Change these variables near the top of the `main` function

	'base_path': '/~celledore',
	'author': '~celledore',
	'site_url': '',

4. Save the changes and run `make site` to generate your site.

That's it. **Keep in mind:** - The links in the menu are static. You have to update them manually in `/layout/page.html` ## Customization - In `/layout`, you'll find the templates for your website - `page.html` - the main template, contains header, menu and footer. - `list.html` - the index page of posts - `item.html` - a single entry in `list.html` - `post.html` - a single post - Assets placed in `/static/foo` will be copied to `public_html/foo` - Create `params.json` to include customer parameters Documentation: [README](