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About me

Real name is Jaume, pronounced /ʒɑwmə/. So like, it starts with the sound for the "s" in vision, but if you do a soft "g" (/d͡ʒ/, as in jump) I won't be able to tell the difference. Then an "a" as in "palm"... well wikipedia says some parts of the English speaking world don't actually ever say this kind of "a" (Open front unrounded vowel). English phonetics are hard. So whatever, a proper latin "a", then fall into a "w", and end with an "m" and a schwa, like "comma". It's catalan for James, or Jaime, or Santiago, or Giacomo, etc. Like Jaume el Conqueridor, that is, James I the Conqueror.

Nickname cosarara, or cosa for short. From "cosa" (thing) + "rara" (rare), in catalan, spanish and italian. Find me on IRC or try sending an email to <cosarara@tilde.club>.

I have another website at <cosarara.me>.

cat from FLCL, the anime