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2020-05-04 - FOSS apps on iOS

A quick post tonight, as it has been a long and tiring workday. I didn't even find time to sort through the new records that arrive in the mail!

Though I'm generally keen on using as much FOSS as possible I'm pragmatic, so I my phone is an iPhone 6. Rightly or wrongly I trust Apple with privacy & security a little bit more than Google and the mess of Android vendor updates. I do need to use some commercial apps for work and kid/school related things, so going all in on a Google free Android device isn't an option at the moment.

While the Apple / iOS ecosystem is a walled garden, and doesn't have an equivalent of F-Droid, there are some open-source apps out there. Here are a few I use:

Bitwarden Password Manager

I switched from the closed lastpass to the open-source Bitwarden a while ago now. I don't run my own server yet, but it's nice to know that I could.

NetNewsWire RSS reader

I'd been using Reeder on iOS for some time before I switched to NetNewsWire. No complaints since switching. I use it more and more as I try to stay follow more blogs and things, avoiding big news websites.

Nextcloud File sync

I always seem to end up back with a Nextcloud install somewhere. Despite getting frustrated with it frequently it is the best way to sync my photos to somewhere that isn't iCloud photos.

Nextcloud Talk Video chat

I've recently tried replacing Skype with Nextcloud Talk for video calls with family. So far so good!

wXL23 Weather app

This is a simple, and not very flash weather app. It's basically an interface to the data, radar and other imagery the US National Weather Service otherwise offers at weather.gov.

If you are interested in having a look at what's out there, then a list on GitHub is a good place to start. Note, though, that much of the stuff there is not in the app store.


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