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2020-05-07 - Subnets and VMs... Oh my!

Just a quick post tonight, as I am redoing my networking setup for my home office workstation and server. I work from home and am now shoe-horning a crazy amount of stuff onto a half-decent workstation, and a repurposed desktop box acting as a server... I've counted no fewer than 38 Virtual Machines, which are really used for many and different purposes, some often booted and some occassionally. Add to that a bunch of containerized stuff and it's getting a bit crazy how complex the setup is given how small a home lab this is.

Cloud resources could cover my needs, but, sitting at the end of an asymmetric cable internet connection that only gets 20Mbps up, it's nice to be able to do things locally if they fit within my machines. I'm not often running more than a few VMs at a time, but the nature of the work I do means

Taking a deep breath, and re-setting subnets and IP ranges in some kind of pattern for my sanity I have ended up on my main workstation with...

I think I should be good now for a bit... I hope it doesn't get any more complicated than this! I'm using 10.x.x.x because I've hit too many VPNs and things in the class B private range - and I find it easier to remember 10.1/2/3...

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