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2020-05-20 - Organizing Org Mode

Emacs org-mode is a fantastic tool for keeping notes, ToDos / reminders, writing documentation, publishing a blog, and more. While I haven't used Emacs continuously for coding I've used org-mode for notes and things since I first picked it up.

There are lots of ways to organize your information with org-mode. It's a powerful tool that doesn't impose a specific way of doing things. Org-mode's agenda functionality can pull out scheduled dates, deadlines etc. from any number of ~org-agenda-files~ - so you aren't restricted to keeping reminders and ToDos in one place (but you can if you want to!). Many add-on packages exist that help implement specific workflows, which may or may not suit you.

Among other things, you can:

...And of course, you can combine different approaches. Maybe you choose to keep per-project org files for work, but keep all your personal thoughts, notes, and reminders in journal format.

Because there are so many possibilities with org-mode it takes time to find what fits you, unless you are lucky and happen upon it straight away. Some nice resources to see how others do things, for inspiration, include:

There are many more of these if you search for terms like "org-mode workflow" on the web, reddit etc. It's well worth taking a look to pick up interesting ideas and things to try out. No doubt you'll end up with a final solution different to anyone else. That's part of the beauty of Emacs and org-mode, that you can spend ages customize things to your needs, or just use a subset of standard features that work for you.

I've never been a person for a very rigid structure, so I don't use an inbox with refiling, capture templates, clocking etc. I have looked at org-roam and other stuff, but settled a little while back on the following:

Have fun finding your org-mode routine!

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