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2020-05-21 - We Have Tomatoes!

A couple of weeks ago it looked like my raised beds were a failure this year. The tomatoes and other veg weren't growing at all. I'd been keeping the beds watered, and they were well drained. Had fed the plants, put netting up to stop birds and other animals, and they had enough sun in the Texas spring. Instead of growing nicely the tomato plants were going nowhere, and the carrots and spring onions had died.

A couple of people on Mastodon suggested that the soil may have been bad. It was newly purchased raised bed mix, so I doubted that, but maybe that really was the case. We've had a lot of rain, around 7 inches, over the past two weeks. The beds have had a lot of water go through them as they drain nicely, sitting on top of a slope in the back yard.

All of a sudden the tomatoes are growing quickly, some carrot plants have appeared, and the peppers have started doing something. Perhaps the soil wasn't right, and whatever was in it has been diluted / washed out by all the rain? I'll never know since I didn't have any soil tests.

Anyway, it's exciting that there'll be some veg this year after all. I'm not a great gardener, but it's fun to mess around and have some things to eat and look at out there.

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