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2020-07-09 - Five Questions (From June 16th)

I answered Christina's current five questions a few days ago, but came across the previous set (from June 16th), and thought I could answer those too. The questions and other answers are here:


1. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is drive with my window rolled down and the music turned up. What is on your summertime playlist?

I rarely drive, but what I do a lot of in the summer is mow the yard, and listen to music while I'm doing it. Under my ear defenders, and coming through my headphones, is usually the local NPR (public radio) music station. The one here in Dallas (KXT) is really quite good and plays a lot of the indie / alt rock I enjoy - with enough variety to keep things interesting.

2. I recently moved back to the area where I grew up. Tell me about where you grew up - has it changed? If you left, what would induce you to return? If you've always lived there, what would induce you to leave?

I grew up in a very small village in the far South West of England. The local area consists of various small-ish villages a couple of miles apart, and a town 6 miles away. There are beautiful beaches about 7 miles north and 7 miles south, but in the middle where I lived is a mining area. Not a lot has changed really apart from the china clay mining industry shrinking a lot. I think the only thing that could induce me to return is retirement. There's not a lot in the way of tech jobs in the area, but maybe there'll be more remote work in the UK available going forward? Even so, I'd think I'd like to be somewhere with closer access to cities, museums, and things. The cities of the North of England near to the peak district etc. appeal more.

3. What tree is your favourite and why?

The one right outside the front of our house. We have a fairly new house, on the plot of one built in 1948 that burnt down. The tree is probably original to that house, so it's big and provides some nice shade in the Texas summer. It's probably saving us a bit off our electric bill *and* it looks nice. The number of trees in this part of Texas surprises me. It's very green and tree-y here in the suburbs. I didn't think of Texas like that at all before I first came here.

4. What were you afraid of as a child? Are you still afraid or did you "grow" out of it?

I was afraid of lots of things, but one silly one is that I used to be afraid of an old fan heater we had. I was very afraid it would start glowing orange and burn the house down. I no longer fear fan heaters, at least not excessively :-)

5. Who are some poets that you enjoy? What is it about them that speaks to you?

I'm afraid I'm someone who really doesn't read *any* poetry at all. I've probably not read any since I had to for school work aged 16... over 20 years ago now.

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