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2020-07-09 Summer is a Drag & Wake on LAN

We're into proper summer now here in the Dallas area. The 'Heat Advisory' notifications have been popping up, and heat indices are up to 110F (43C) this weekend. From July until the end of September it's mostly a case of hiding inside, if you can, and looking forward to the Autumn, which is the best season here.

This brings me, strangely, onto Wake on LAN. I have a home office with far too many computers in it, for work and fun. Two of them are pretty warm desktops, with big CPUs, lots of RAM and disks, Infiniband/40GbE and GPU cards. They serve a bunch of VMs and environments I may or may not need through the work day. The 'office' is really a guest bedroom. It doesn't have AC ducting big enough to handle a couple of workstations running on top of the heat that is trying to make its way through the windows and walls. It heats up in ther pretty quickly if everything is on and the door is shut because I need quiet from the kids for a call or concentration.

To take the edge off it I've setup:

So far, having `sleep-piran` and `wake-piran` etc. available from any laptop or desktop I'm on is convenient enough that the computers I don't need right now can spend most of their time sleeping. It definitely does make a difference to comfort, and is saving some electricity too.

Most ethernet cards on Linux seem to come up these days with wake on lan enabled for magic packets, and you can wake a sleeping system with the `wol` command and the MAC address of the computer you need to wake.

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