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2020-07-12 Naming Computers

We had a wind storm come through last night. No rain, thunder, or lightning but it was strong enough wind to bring down a power line in the street behind us. Luckily we didn't lose our power, but we're without internet still at the moment. Time for a bit of offline writing while the roast beef cooks for lunch.

With the migration of much hosting to cloud services, anonymous VMs, and container hosts that are treated like 'cattle not pets', it's rarer to see fun naming schemes for servers in organizations. I think, if I remember correctly, that when I was at University studying computer science all the *nix servers (for mail, shell, assignment submission, web pages etc.) were named after cartoon cats. I doubt they are any more. People with home labs, or just a laptop and Raspberry Pi, are more likely to still name them in fun ways. I wonder what everyone is using for computer names?

Our two family computers have boring names 'family-imac' and 'family-macbook', but all of the home lab and self-hosted internet stuff I mess around with are named after Cornish saints. They aren't all really Cornish saints - but associated with Cornwall, and may be more linked to places like Brittany or Wales. I'm not religious at all... but I do come from Cornwall, and you come across the saints names quite a bit there.

At the moment I'm up to:

I have some Raspberry Pi's I need to rename from the functional, but rather boring 'pi-3' and 'pi-4' still.

What are other people naming thier computers?

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