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2020-08-23 - R.E. Bronzie's 5Q Question Set for August 2020

In response to Bronzie's 5 questions...


1. What is the last item of physical a/v media you bought?

I have been buying quite a bit of vinyl since I got back into dance music on vinyl in the past year. My wife and I are also buying more CDs again, as we've chosen to avoid streaming. The latest package to show up in the mail was an order from Discogs with a bunch of 12" singles:

- N-Joi - Anthem

- Bizzare Inc - Playing with Knives

- Donna Summer - I feel love

- Soul II Soul - Back to Life

2. Does your first IRL (non media fantasy) crush know how you felt about them?

I really have a terrible memory going back that far. I was a shy nerdy person, so it's probably a fair guess to say no.

3. 1994 or 2014? Why?

2014. The other choice of 1994 is tempting as I was a kid without many worries, and there was a lot of great music I'd love to pay more attention to. 2014 wins though, as I quite like my wife and son who existed then :-)

4. City or Countryside?

City at the moment. I enjoy (or did, thanks COVID) things like taking the children on the train to the museums, or just wandering around. Every time we go back to the UK to visit family it's a treat to wander around London a bit on the way to/from my parents in the South-West. I grew up in a village surrounded by a lot of countryside and great beaches. That stuff is great too, but I'd rather be in or closer to a city and able to escape for trips to the countryside. I might be biased a bit these days due to living in suburban Dallas... there isn't a lot of countryside worthy of enjoyment nearby, and I wish wer were in the city proper sometimes.

5. If offered either of the following for free, which would you choose - 2020 Apple Silicon Macbook or 1982 Grid Compass 1011

Probably the Grid Compass. I have plenty of modern-enough computers and things are fast enough these days that I'm convinced I won't need to buy a brand new computer ever again. It would be more fun to own a piece of history.

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