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2020-09-03 - R.E. Bronzie's 5Q Question Set for September 2020

My responses to Bronzies's 5Qs for September:


1. New York City or Los Angeles? Why?

New York City! I have only actually been to the airport in LA, but I'm pretty sure I would much much rather be in New York City. I like to wander around a nice dense city on my feet or by public transport. Big buildings lining busy streets, hustle and bustle, a sense of some history, the rivers that are not in a concrete channel, these are important ingredients of a good city.

2. What is your favourite game, and why?

I used to play computer games quite a bit, mostly Sim City and Civilisation type things. As a kid it would have been one of those on the Atari ST. These days my favorite games are things that are fun for a quick 20 minutesi here and there. I'm partial to some SNES Tetris Attack and Tetris 2, but Mario Kart on the Wii is probably the most fun thing to play with my wife and children.

3. Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

I have never seen these, but my wife informs me that Ferris Bueller's Day Off is less problematic.

4. You can have an abundance of only one - what do you pick and why (CPU GHz, CPU Cores, RAM, Storage).

RAM I think. I haven't needed to buy a bigger hard drive for several years and am not a huge digital pack rat. It helps only really colelcting music, and not any video! My desktop computers have older (albeit decent) CPUs which are fine but 48GB and 80GB of RAM, as I am often running multiple VMs etc.

5. If one must die, which would you kill: Linux or Firefox?

Depends... If I answer as a hobbyist at this point... probably Linux? It doesn't really matter what all the corporate internet is running on if they are still getting my data. They could be on Windows Server and nerds like me would still have a bit of diversity in BSDs etc. Losing the non-Google browser that works across many platforms, and is at least a small impedement to web standards == Google standards, is an uglier thought.

As someone sensible who needs to continue making a living from things that use Linux... well, if Firefox dissappeared I'd still get paid. If Linux did... I'm not so sure.

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