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2020-10-27 - R.E. October 2020 Five Questions (Christina)

My responses to Christina's 5Qs for October:


1. Are "hidden" (possibly non-carbon life forms) aliens hiding in our midst?

Don't think anything is hiding amongst us, but there could be something/someone out there in the vastness of space.

2. Germans have "Fruehlingsmuedigkeit" - literally "spring tiredness". Does any change of season have a physical effect on you.

When summer arrives properly in North Texas, it hits with a big 'ooof'. Anything that involves going outdoors becomes a huge drag. I like doing gardening and things outside, but when it's too hot it's an endurance test and not fun.

I used to dislike going into autumn and winter in the UK... cold, wet, dark. I quite look forward to winter here in Texas as it's the best part of the year to get out. Rarely too cold and wet to be a write-off. Fewer nasty storms than spring.

3. If you could stockpile something delicious for wintertime, what would you pick? (You do not have to bury it😂)

Some delicious fresh raspberries from late summer, if we can make them not spoil! My favourite fruit I think, especially nice fresh firm and tart ones. Used to eat stockpiled frozen ones as a kid... but they are very mushy when you thaw them.

4. What is your favourite book and why? And yes I know this is probably a mundane question but as a reader…

Uh-oh... I rarely read books now. Shameful! Used to read a lot as a kid, but got out of the habit of reading books for fun when I was studying and working in academia, reading a lot of research papers and things for work.

I do like the sort of books that mix a bit of travel, history, social insight. Stuff by people like Stuart Maconie, Dave Gorman, Bill Bryson.

5. Are there things that you enjoy eating or cooking in the Autumn?

It's a nice time to be smoking meat, on the charcoal smoker. Also a nice big British style sunday roast dinner is good.

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