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2021-01-01 - 18 Years of Photos

On our family computer we have a folder called 'Shared_Photos' that has all of the photos my wife and I have taken since we first had digital cameras, or used the 'photos on CD' services that used to exist when you developed film. We've never gotten into using Apple Photos or similar for all our pictures, even though most of them these days come off our phones rather than our separate camera. We still periodically put our photos into folders sorted by year and month, and manually back them up to DVD-R every now and again!

The 'Shared_Photos' folder starts back in 2002, before we had even met. The oldest photos are ones from an Olympus C100 - an entry level point and shoot digital camera I had when I was an undergraduate at university. Here's one of the first photos I took with it when I was trying it out at home for a holiday. It's the back of my brother's head as he plays Counterstrike or something similar on the family Dell Pentium 3 450. Spot the HP Deskjet 520, parallel port scanner, and an older Dell Pentium 90 to the right. That's the computer I first got to mess around with Linux on, puzzling over what to do after installing it from magazine cover CDs.

2002 First digital photos - beige computers!

Anyway, lately I (re)signed up to a Pixelfed instance as I thought it'd be a nice idea to go steadily through all these photos, a couple of months at a time. It's good nostalgia, and I can post a couple of images each day I do it. There's a grand total of 42k photos to go through... and I've already found quite a few from places I'd forgotten we'd ever been, or activities I'd forgotten we'd done.

Things start off quite slow in number, as the photos come from film scans, or that old Olympus camera which ate batteries and had a 16MB SmartMedia card that could hold a whopping 26 photos. By 2005 when I met my now wife there are a lot more photos. It's cool looking back on how many places we were lucky enough to visit, in the UK by train, or in Europe with cheap flights. Eventually when we got engaged we received a Nikon D80 as a gift, and there are several years of many many nice photos. Things quieten down a bit again after we moved to the US (less holiday time from work = less travel and photos), and we later had small children (busy busy busy, so not much except photos of the children).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 2020 is the smallest folder by size for a long while. As my wife spends a lot of time helping out a family member who is very vulnerable to COVID we have been in our own pseudo-lockdown for most of the year. At 3.1GB of photos you have to go back to 2008 to find a smaller year. That's really saying something given that the size of each photo was a lot smaller 12 years ago. Here's one of the most recent photos, from November. I need to transfer December photos still.

Recent photo - Inky cap mushroom at the corner of our house.

May 2021 be a better year for photos of all kinds... travel pictures, family gatherings, social events with friends. Cheers!

My pixelfed account where I'm posting as above.

EDIT - the above link is dead, as pixelfed on SDF has died a couple of times. My old photos ended up posted on photog.social:


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