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2021-02-20 - Texas Power Disaster

I started to write something lengthy here, about the disaster of extreme winter weather leading to a multi-day major power shortage here in Texas. About why this happened, and how our politicians are trying to shift the blame wherever they can. The Texas state government is responsible for the deregulated market that was setup to chase profit over all else. They are responsible also for the terrible communications during the event, and ridiculous level of reliance on charity that will be needed for many people to recover from property damage after.

I'm too angry thinking about it to write much now. The sun was out today, we have enough power for everyone in the state, so it's time to relax a bit and reflect on how lucky our family is. Letters to representatives will be written later.

I hope that anyone reading this in Texas, or the other states affected by the winter weather is safe, warm, and has a good weekend.

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