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2021-03-24 - Thinkpad

Where    : Home office
Computer : piran (Linux iMac)
Music    : Tilderadio 33 1/3 show
Weather  : Watching for the storms around

Assuming the UPS truck isn't delayed I'll be re-joining the ranks of those using Linux on an aging thinkpad tomorrow. This one will be my second, and a bit older than the first.

I bought a used T430 for myself back in mid 2019, and my wife got the 2017 12" MacBook which was one of my poorer computer purchases. Didn't stay like that for long though, as we swapped so she could have a machine with Windows to play the Win 10 version Minecraft with my son.

I've finally decided I've had enough of the MacBook's awful keyboard, noticed I could still sell it for a surprising amount of money, and bought a Thinkpad T420. They are a bit pricier than a year ago, but $130 for an 8GB one that appears in VGC, with a dock and 2 power supplies sounded okay to me.

Most of my serious computing is done on a desktop, with just email and idle web browsing, occasionally writing on the laptop. Fingers crossed a $130 computer can last me for at least a couple of years. I'm looking forward to the keyboard, as it's the last model before they went over to the chiclet style.

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