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2021-06-14 - 5Qs for June (christyotwisty)

Where    : Couch
Computer : NetBSD T420
Music    : Whirr of the air conditioner and ceiling fan
Weather  : Hot

Anwers to christyotwisty's 5Qs for June 2021:


Whom would you like to be for one day?

It'd be interesting to be my 4 y/o son for a day... if I could experience things as him but also somehow remember what that was like afterwards. All the childhood fun of just running around, riding a bike in a circle, telling jokes that make no sense [1]. Also it'd be interesting to know what he's thinking as he gets upset at me :-)

What did you yearn for in your childhood that your parent(s) never gave you?

I honestly can't think of anything now, I was very lucky. No doubt I did yearn for stuff I didn't ever get for Christmas though!

How do you know when it's time to ask for help?

When it becomes clear I'm about to waste a lot of time or physical / emotional energy. Probably later than I should.

Recommend, and provide a recipe if you have one, a refreshing summer beverage.

A can of San Pellegrino Limonata.

Which childhood things do you still enjoy?

Many things. Most recently I may have protested putting together meccano, lego and things with the kids... but secretly (or not so secretly) enjoyed it quite a bit.

[1] Knock Knock!
            Who's there?
            Jokey who?
    Jokey the Fire Truck... hahahahahahahahaha

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