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2021-06-14 - Back

Where    : Couch
Computer : NetBSD T420
Music    : Whirr of the air conditioner and ceiling fan
Weather  : Hot

Hopefully I'm back here a bit more regularly now. Summer has arrived properly to Dallas, and with the heat, my enthusiasm for cycling has been curtailed. Work has eased up quite a bit, and I'll have some time off soon. Also, and very sadly, my mother-in-law died recently. My wife especially had been doing a great deal for her over the past couple of years, and a vast amount in the last few months. It's very fortunate we were in a situation where she could help her mum out as much as she did, and that just made things a bit busier for us.

So many people don't have the time or financial ability to be able to take the time to care for their loved ones that they'd like to. Many others are too far away from family they wish they could help out. We moved to the USA from the UK partly so we could be near my wife's parents, who were older and less healthy than my own. That was 10 years ago now. I'm still in Texas, and my brother has since moved to New Zealand, while my parents live back in the UK. They are still younger than my wife's parents were, and healthier, but I do wonder what we'll do if they become ill, or just when they get old enough to need some help with things.

I'm back in the familiar summer evening routine now. Watering the plants in pots and raised beds every evening after putting the kids to bed. The red glow of the sunset shining through the mature trees is nice, even if the mosquitos eat you alive while you are looking at it! The dance of moving sprinklers around, and setting the hose timers, begins soon.

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