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2021-06-20 - Pleasant Day

Where    : Couch
Computer : NetBSD T420
Music    : Whirr of the air conditioner and ceiling fan
Weather  : Hot

It has been a pleasant weekend and a nice Father's day. Much yard work happened, which I enjoy even if it is getting very hot now. Yesterday, me and the kids finally pulled up the shrubs that were far too big for the small borders at the front of the house. Today's effort was taking care of the grass, and shredding a huge pile of dried out branches, at my mother-in-law's house. She is no longer with us, but I'll be tending the yard until the house sells. Seems like there is quite a delay to the probate process here in Texas at the moment, so could be some time.

I'm now sat on the couch noodling around on my Thinkpad, which has had NetBSD on it for almost 2 months. I think it (NetBSD) is here to stay, too. I have a slightly customized CTWM configuration, Firefox, Emacs, and that's about all I need. Onboard sound and USB audio interface recording works, suspend/resume is reliable (if a bit slow), /home is encrypted, and things generally zip along quite well. Using it is a bit of nostalgia for the times I first used Linux with a simple X WM, and later NetBSD on a couple of pizza box SparcStations and an SGI Indy. I had those computers under my bed in university, in the early 00s when they were quite cheap on eBay. They are worth a bit more now... I wish I still had them.

We're off to the beach next weekend, which is exciting. I have a few days off work, so it's a long weekend rather than those normal 2 days that fly by.

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