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2021-07-07 - 5 Qs for July (christyotwisty)

Answering christyotwisty's 5 questions for July, which can be found at:


List five items you are most likely to buy at a convenience store.
New year resolutions are common, but do you set monthly, quarterly, semi-annual personal (not career development) goals for yourself?

Not really any more. I set myself a goal of riding a certain number of miles per month on my bike this year, but that's about it. I used to come up with goals that I'd usuall fail to meet :-)

Have you ever written or read fan fiction?

Nope, and nope.

Whom do you miss the most

My parents. They are alive but 4700 miles away, and we've not been able to visit or have them visit for a couple of years now. It's especially a shame that they haven't see our kids, and our kids haven't seen them, in person for a while.

Who was the most famous person you shook hands with?

Hmmmm... racking my brain... probably one of the members of OK Go, the band with that treadmill music video from several years ago now. They played at the University I was at and then mingled in the crowd. A slightly drunken friend I was with sort of accosted them, and they awkwardly and kindly shook hands and said hello.

If I was in the UK now I'd say Floella Benjamin instead. When I graduated with my PhD I shook her hand. She was the presenter of a BBC children's show 'Play School' when i was young, amongst other things. She is now a baroness:


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