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2022-02-01 - R.E. February 2022 Five Questions (christyotwisty)

Answers to christotwisty's February 5Qs:


1. What is one oddball, interesting or new activity that you'd like to try on a night out with your partner(s) or friends?

I would say curling here, like mcornick, but we already did that years ago in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Perhaps an after midnight cycle ride through the city. I've always thought that would be fun, riding through the lights of downtown, in the relative quiet of the small hours.

2. What is something red you would feature on a postage stamp?

A red LED... gateway to light without lightbulbs. Remember when things only had red LEDs, because the other colours were so expensive?

3. If you were limited to eating only one type of candy/sweet of the year, what would it be?

I'll take some Haribo Sour Mix please. If that counts as more than one type, Maynards Wine Gums.

4. In your opinion, what is the flower with the best scent? (Don't know/like flowers? What's the best smelling food/baked good?)

Not sure about flowers, but I like the smell of limes.

5. What are three songs that make you happy and/or give you instant energy? If you are deaf or hard of hearing, what three non-auditory things gboost your spirits and energy?

Hmmm... so many choices. How about...

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