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2022-02-01 - What am I up to?

Despite the pandemic, 2021 wasn't a terrible year. My hobby time became quite a lot less computer filled, and busy in other ways.

I still work fully remote, spending most of my time on an open source project used in High Performance Computing (HPC). I do systems level programming for Linux, as well as open source community / politics stuff quite heavily for work, and have decided that's quite enough of those worlds for me, these days. After over 20 years being a Linux enthusiast in my spare time it has become less appealing to tinker with on the sofa in the evening.

2022 is going to be a rather crazy year! We've decided it's time to escape Texas after 11 years and head back to the UK. Lots to do by summer so that a move can happen in school holidays for the kids. But first, I need to file our taxes... arghhh.

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