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2022-02-15 - Curling

Currently sat on the sofa with my wife. We each have laptops open, a cat is sat between us, and there's curling on the telly.

I always end up watching quite a bit of curling when the Winter Olympics come around. It's a lot like watching darts or snooker. Doesn't take a vast amount of concentration or effort to watch, but can be very engrossing. Definitely helps that the British teams are doing well too.

We got to try curling once, back in the UK, a couple of years before we moved to the USA. A group of friends from university days arranged a trip to Royal Tunbridge Wells, where the only dedicated curling rink in England happens to be. Most British curling happens in Scotland, while we haven't really ventured up there. I remember not being that good at the curling. It was surprisingly easy to walk on the ice with the rubber soles of the shoes, but if you exposed the slider then things went south quickly.

Hoping for a few more relaxing evening this week. Last week there was a lot of reading up on stuff relevant to moving back to the UK. I am not a big fan of the US tax code right now.

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