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2022-04-13 Busy Week (so far)

Quite a busy week, this one, especially considering it is only Wednesday evening now!

We're getting slowly closer to making our planned transatlantic move, and more stuff has been disposed of in preparation for that. Work has been busy, but productive - a nice change after a few weeks that were quite a slog. I've mowed, gardened, and gone through the periodic ordeal of transferring phone photos to somewhere permanent on non-cloudy.

I have Good Friday off work, for what I think is the first time in several years. On of the children has a school weather make-up day though, so there won't be any family adventures. Perhaps a bike ride and some more sorting out of stuff.

Elsewhere, my tilderadio hat has been hung up for now. It takes quite a bit of time to pick out a bunch of records, even if I'm not aiming for a proper hour long mix. Eventually I'll have another go, but I think my records will see the inside of a shipping container first... and we'll have to find somewhere else to live with space for turntables. Heh.

Have a good rest of the week!

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