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2022-04-15 - Easter Long Weekend

I think this is the first time since moving to the USA (11 years back) that I've gotten Good Friday off work. Prior to my current job I worked at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Given how much the state of Texas likes to tie itself up with evangelical Christian religion it was sort of amusing they steadfastly avoid Easter holiday days. Looks like that has changed since I left, though, They have "Spring Holiday Break" today.

UTSW Holiday schedule

Central University of Texas administration still avoids it, it seems:


My current employer is a private company that had a change of leadership a while back. Since then they have been reviewing HR / corporate stuff. This has led to an increase in the number of company holidays. Good stuff!

Oldest son is at home today, since his elementary school has a holiday. I'm sure there will be a lot of Minecraft happening on his part. Youngest son is at pre-school, because they are using today as a make-up day for being closed due to snow and ice in the winter.

I've just finished sipping a coffee and muncing breakfast taco while I converted my remaining old 2020 posts to gemtext, and put them back into place here. I think I'll venture out on a longish bike ride in a bit, and then after that there's a stack of paperwork to sort, scan, and/or shred. We bought a portable duplex scanner to ease the process of turning paper into PDFs ahead of our upcoming move. Hopefully we only need to ship a small box of paper once that's done, rather than the entire content of a rather full 3-drawer filing cabinet.

Here's a picture of a nice yarn bowl my wife just brought back from the makerspace, and put down on the table. I think she might be doing some more pottery this weekend.

Purple yarn bowl made by my wife


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