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2022-10-20 - Hello Again, World!

It has been quite some time, and many miles moved, since I wrote here last. In April I was in the Dallas suburbs, messing around with converting gemtext to HTML in awk. The family is now all in the UK, having arrived in August and September. Car, job, bank account, and various other vital things are sorted out now. We've also made an offer on a house. Now there's a little bit of time to play around with computers and music again.

This site is back on my Sun Blade 100, shipped over from Dallas, and now housed in the office I'm renting in the next village over. We're living where I grew up, in rural Cornwall, and the internet is very patchy... especially right here. The next village is one with fibre and has a rather unique co-work/office space above the workshops of an engineering firm. The building is part of a complex that used to belong to the china clay company, and that I visited many years ago on work experience. It's now housing the engineering firm, a cafe, a salon, an art school, a surveying firm, a sewing group, weekly village bingo, a coffee capsule company, a tree mapping app developer, and me!

Itching to be able to get my turntables and records out now. They made it safely here with the rest of our stuff, and are sat in cardboard boxes. Fingers crossed we'll be in our own place in 2-3 months, and then I can once again be a terrible living-room DJ.

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