Nice things ~dfa cooks and eats.

Fried rice

I've made this well over 10 times, maybe 20. Not a lifetime of refinement, but enough to have a couple details I try to include:

Couple different flavor profiles:

I usually just fry up a block of tofu and stick it in with the veggies.

Tips to prep before:

Haven't found a tofu marinade I like much. It seems to make it wetter, which prevents it from getting crispy in the frier.


I've made the Joy of Cooking white bread recipe several times and have enjoyed it. It toasts up well nicely on a cast iron pan, as well.

Cinnamon-garlic-ginger garbonzo bean soup

Amanda's always been the one to make this, I can't claim to know how to make it offhand. That's a TODO haha.

Slow cooked pork

Cut pork shoulder into about 3x3x3 inch blocks. Place in slow cooker with a half cup water and a half teaspoon salt for each pound of meat. Cook on low for 8 hours. Fries up nicely.

Keeps in the fridge for a couple days, I didn't get sick eating it 3 days later (having cooked it on the sell-by date).


Lacto-fermented hot sauces

I've tried this with jalapenos and have some poblanos and serranos going at the time of writing.

Stem and seed about a pount of peppers. Puree. Add salt (0.075 x the weight of pepper puree). Stir. Place in big mason jar, wait 4 weeks.

Be sure the peppers are totally covered by the brine. Feel free to add more brine if needed (not sure how the added brine strategy plays out, that's still a WIP).

At the end of the 4 weeks, place the pepper puree in some vinegar (TODO how much?) and briefly boil. Keeps in the fridge for about 6 months, apparently.

Chili Oil

Still new to me, on my second try.

Some tweaks and things to try:


My fave is wrapping garlic, tomatillos, and serranos in some foil and heating in a pan for maybe 20-30 mins, then puree-ing with some salt and lime.