hello and welcome!

it's me, eggy! i go by he/they but anything else can work for me as well.

i have an interest in learning about web dev, and i know very little of it; please feel free to reach out with any advice or ideas if you have!

if you want to contact me, you can reach out via NewNet.

you can also find me @ prose.sh where I will probably just have smaller bite-sized blog posts. i am also working on my actual website, which isn't up yet, so don't go to it yet, but feel free to email me here or on tilde here - i check them often and i would love hearing some from you.

i am still learning the command line, so teaching me this would be greatly helpful, and i refuse setting up tilde.club as a drive on my PC.

i'm beginning to wonder if this site has any active users other than me - if you are seeing this be sure to reach me out. if you are NOT on tilde.town you should email me. I WILL WATER YOUR PLANTS! also i'm starting to think i should create a CSS. i know very little about css, so we'll see.

i also need my SSH access back. so if an admin is reading this, please let me know. i am starting a big project and will involve tilde.club.